Beware of Landlord's exploitations

Question: My landlord is forcing me to get fixtures of the house changed and has cut our water connection till such time that I do?


The Landlord is not entitled to force you to change any fixtures that were faulty before you rented it and he can also not cut your water connection off. The landlord under the law has certain obligations towards the tenant which include the following:

a)      subject to the tenancy agreement, repair the premises as may be necessary to keep it in habitable condition or as may be required under a law for the time being in force; and

b)       pay the tax, fee or charge levied on the premises under a law for the time being in force.

c)        Subject to the tenancy agreement, a landlord shall not–

                             I.            cut off, suspend or withhold, without just or sufficient cause, an amenity, utility or easement of the premises; and

                           II.            enter the premises without giving the tenant a reasonable notice.


 If a landlord neglects or fails to fulfill an obligation under this Act or the tenancy agreement, the tenant may file an application in the Rent Tribunal for an order directing the landlord to fulfill the obligation.