Blackstone School of Law’s Guide for your Law Careers

The realm of law is a vast one where there are a plethora of areas to grasp the interest of law students. The traditional perception of law is very limited and many are unaware of how the legal aspect is intertwined with almost every part of our life. To address these issues there are various sectors that would appeal to the individual sensibilities of a student. 

Blackstone School of Law encourages bringing out a student’s unique talent and interest to make their career in law customized to their personality, making them excel at their chosen path. No one can dictate their lives but their own will and we are here to guide them towards it.

If you like the idea of working in the legal sector but aren't sure what role suits you here are some suggestions of law jobs to get you started.

Specialized areas:
1.    Personal Injury Lawyer
2.    Paralegals
3.    Estate law attorney/ Estate Planning
4.    Bankruptcy Lawyer
5.    Intellectual Property Lawyer
6.    Employment Lawyer - Employees' Rights
7.    Business/Corporate Lawyer
8.    Immigration Lawyer
9.    Criminal Lawyer/Criminal Defense Attorney
10.    Medical Malpractice Lawyer
11.    Tax Lawyer
12.    Family & Divorce Lawyer
13.    Contract Lawyer
14.    Social Security Disability Lawyer
15.    Civil Litigation Lawyer/Civil Rights attorney
16.    General Practice Lawyer
17.    Public interest lawyer

In Pakistan besides private practice, lawyers can always aspire to become:

1.    District attorney on division level
2.    Assistant district attorney on a district level
3.    Advocate General in the High courts
4.    Attorney General in the Supreme Court
5.    Public prosecutor
6.    Government counsel
7.    Corporate in-house counsel / corporate legal advisor
8.    Administrative law judge
9.    Judge
10.    Arbitrator
11.    Law professor

6 Ways in which Blackstone School of Law is Revolutionizing the Legal Education System in Pakistan

For those who aspire to have an exuberant legal career in Pakistan now have access to a revolutionized method of teaching, right in the heart of Lahore.  

Here are six ways our Blackstone School of Law is unique from any other traditional law school in Pakistan:

1. Blackstone School of Law’s students will be trained specifically to excel in the law practice right after graduation.
All traditional law schools are using outdated teaching methods as well as textbooks years after years and students are culturally bound to use poorly written cramming guides to pass law exams. Blackstone School gives our students a break from this redundant method and encourages discussion to voice their opinions in an oral or a written form. Students not only begin to understand the concepts better but also put their ideas to practice. A lawyer is not made by rote learning the entire book but by applying the concepts learned in class! It is a guarantee that our student will be confident in the professional arena more than a graduate of and UOL affiliate degree providers.

2. New teaching methodologies.
We use latest pedagogical techniques: Self-Organized Learning Environment (SOLE), Flipped Classroom, Inquiry-based Instructions, and Student-Centered Education to make legal education more interesting and long lasting for our students. Trained through a good dose of research, lectures, discussions and social media projects every week in the collaborative workspace classroom the student instill that knowledge and develops critical reasoning for every principle learnt.

3. Understanding student personalities to help in enhancing their unique abilities.
Every student is different and Blackstone School of Law not only recognizes this but is motivated to enhance the gifts of each individual. Our methodology takes into account the uniqueness of both extrovert and introverts personalities and trains our faculty to be sympathetic to their needs. We understand the requirements of each student to make sure knowledge is transferred from a genuine level of understanding to enhance results and confidence in these future lawyers.

4. Blackstone School of Law ensures skill-related development through paid internships.
The Work-Study Curriculum provides students a three-year head start by giving them hands-on professional paid experience which they will start accumulating from the first day of their law school. Blackstone Law School’s students don’t just stand out in the crowd, they are the top law graduates who have already started reforming the legal environment from the first day of their LLB.

5. The University of London Faculty available right here in Lahore.
Often the University of London students feel a distinct barrier between them and their examiners. With our partnership with British professor, Norman Baird and his team of University of London examiners and lecturers we bridge the gap between the student and their examiner’s expectation through arranging face to face assistance sessions right here at our campus. 

6. Scholarships.
Blackstone School of Law has introduced various scholarships that ensure that students do not miss the chance at a world class degree due to financial barriers. Many ill-educated lawyers have rendered the legal system ineffective as students have no access. We issue scholarships based on need, merit, women empowerment and teamwork scholarships for those deserving students. 

Students as Independent Learners

Blackstone School of Law is disrupting legal education in Pakistan in three unique ways: Work study curriculum, Flipped classrooms, and Global learning. We all know that in the traditional education system the best academic discussions happen outside of the classroom, especially in the college canteen. This is a telling indication on how the traditional classrooms are failing us. Instead of being a space where we can interact and collaborate they have become a sources of idle and teacher dependent learning. The result is unprepared, confused students, who develop a low esteem and consider themselves as failures.

Blackstone Law is committed to providing a learning environment that fosters independent learning. The students start interacting with a concept by researching for an answer to
a Big questions working in groups. Once they have an outline finalized they share it with other groups. We understand that not everything can be found by the students on their own so we hold a discussion session after the group research so the teachers can fill any gaps. Finally, the students make videos, animations and write blogs about what they have learned so we can connect them to our global audience of 2 thousand students.

Here at Blackstone School of Law, we are disrupting legal education and invite you to join the revolution. So, if you are ready to make your own rules, apply today and be part of our unique way to teach University of London LLB program!

Join the University of London Gold-Statndard with Notable Alumni Around the World

Blackstone School of Law brings to the future lawyers of Pakistan a chance to be part of the revered 100 years old institution of the University of London right here from their country.  We bring to them the chance to join the likes of notable members of the UOL Alumni including 4 monarchs, 52 presidents or prime ministers, 74 Nobel laureates, 6 Grammy winners, 2 Oscar winners and 3 Olympic gold medalists. This is the key to making a mark on the world like the honorary members of UOL such as Nelson Mandela, Alexander Graham Bell, Elton John, Queen Elizabeth II, Albert Einstein, and many others gracing the list.

The University of London International Programmes LLB (Hons) attracts students from all over the world who are keen to enroll in a degree which is internationally recognized as the 'gold standard'. This distance-learning course puts our students right on par with millions of bright minds that have passed through this challenging yet enriching system of studying making them stand out in society with an edge. Once done, our students will join a vast global alumni network of University of London students that creates opportunity beyond borders for everyone. 

A University of London degree awarded to a student who studies through the University of London International Programmes is of the same standard as a University of London degree awarded to students who study on a University of London campus. Although the study experience will be different, the University makes no distinction in the standard of the award that International Programmes students gain.

Blackstone School of Law courses supplement the resources provided by the University for its International Programmes students, and provide a revolutionary style of teaching to prepare them for the exams. This is an ideal way of achieving a prestigious degree without bearing the accommodation and tuition fee costs normally associated with studying for a degree from the University of London.

So if you are ready to embark on the ride to making an everlasting impact on the world and make a change apply now!
Apply Today!

Work-Study Curriculum

We are disrupting legal education in Pakistan in three unique ways: Work Study Curriculum, Flipped classrooms, and Independent Learning. Today, I am going to talk about work study-curriculum: In the upcoming three years of your life, you are going to learn how to be an adult! It is real and it is happening! Make peace with it.

Being an adult means that you learn how to do things on your own. When you graduate and land that dream job; you will be rattled out of your books. In short the traditional education system neither helps you in becoming an adult nor being successful in practical life.

So how will we help you? Instead of placing you in a boring lecture we put you together in groups, help you conduct research daily, encourage you to collaborate, and reward you for actively participating in the learning environment. This is the part that helps you become an adult and about crashing the barrier between student and professional life. We give you a chance to earn and learn at the same time. You are given a choice of various paid externships and internships that will give you the taste of the professional life you envisioned for yourself. You may come all corporate and money-minded, and leave with a passion for human rights or vice versa; you just never know until you find out for yourself!

Here at Blackstone School of Law, we are disrupting legal education and invite you to join the revolution. Apply Today!