Work-Study Curriculum

We are disrupting legal education in Pakistan in three unique ways: Work Study Curriculum, Flipped classrooms, and Independent Learning. Today, I am going to talk about work study-curriculum: In the upcoming three years of your life, you are going to learn how to be an adult! It is real and it is happening! Make peace with it.

Being an adult means that you learn how to do things on your own. When you graduate and land that dream job; you will be rattled out of your books. In short the traditional education system neither helps you in becoming an adult nor being successful in practical life.

So how will we help you? Instead of placing you in a boring lecture we put you together in groups, help you conduct research daily, encourage you to collaborate, and reward you for actively participating in the learning environment. This is the part that helps you become an adult and about crashing the barrier between student and professional life. We give you a chance to earn and learn at the same time. You are given a choice of various paid externships and internships that will give you the taste of the professional life you envisioned for yourself. You may come all corporate and money-minded, and leave with a passion for human rights or vice versa; you just never know until you find out for yourself!

Here at Blackstone School of Law, we are disrupting legal education and invite you to join the revolution. Apply Today!