Students as Independent Learners

Blackstone School of Law is disrupting legal education in Pakistan in three unique ways: Work study curriculum, Flipped classrooms, and Global learning. We all know that in the traditional education system the best academic discussions happen outside of the classroom, especially in the college canteen. This is a telling indication on how the traditional classrooms are failing us. Instead of being a space where we can interact and collaborate they have become a sources of idle and teacher dependent learning. The result is unprepared, confused students, who develop a low esteem and consider themselves as failures.

Blackstone Law is committed to providing a learning environment that fosters independent learning. The students start interacting with a concept by researching for an answer to
a Big questions working in groups. Once they have an outline finalized they share it with other groups. We understand that not everything can be found by the students on their own so we hold a discussion session after the group research so the teachers can fill any gaps. Finally, the students make videos, animations and write blogs about what they have learned so we can connect them to our global audience of 2 thousand students.

Here at Blackstone School of Law, we are disrupting legal education and invite you to join the revolution. So, if you are ready to make your own rules, apply today and be part of our unique way to teach University of London LLB program!