Blackstone School of Law’s Guide for your Law Careers

The realm of law is a vast one where there are a plethora of areas to grasp the interest of law students. The traditional perception of law is very limited and many are unaware of how the legal aspect is intertwined with almost every part of our life. To address these issues there are various sectors that would appeal to the individual sensibilities of a student. 

Blackstone School of Law encourages bringing out a student’s unique talent and interest to make their career in law customized to their personality, making them excel at their chosen path. No one can dictate their lives but their own will and we are here to guide them towards it.

If you like the idea of working in the legal sector but aren't sure what role suits you here are some suggestions of law jobs to get you started.

Specialized areas:
1.    Personal Injury Lawyer
2.    Paralegals
3.    Estate law attorney/ Estate Planning
4.    Bankruptcy Lawyer
5.    Intellectual Property Lawyer
6.    Employment Lawyer - Employees' Rights
7.    Business/Corporate Lawyer
8.    Immigration Lawyer
9.    Criminal Lawyer/Criminal Defense Attorney
10.    Medical Malpractice Lawyer
11.    Tax Lawyer
12.    Family & Divorce Lawyer
13.    Contract Lawyer
14.    Social Security Disability Lawyer
15.    Civil Litigation Lawyer/Civil Rights attorney
16.    General Practice Lawyer
17.    Public interest lawyer

In Pakistan besides private practice, lawyers can always aspire to become:

1.    District attorney on division level
2.    Assistant district attorney on a district level
3.    Advocate General in the High courts
4.    Attorney General in the Supreme Court
5.    Public prosecutor
6.    Government counsel
7.    Corporate in-house counsel / corporate legal advisor
8.    Administrative law judge
9.    Judge
10.    Arbitrator
11.    Law professor