Frequently Asked Questions

Internship Program 2016

Question 1

Who is eligible to apply for this internship program?

Only current A-level and AS students are eligible for this internship program. Preference will be given to students in the second year of their A-level or AS level. However, if you are first year A or AS level, don’t be discouraged if you can make an outstanding application.

Question 2

When does the Internship Program begin and what’s the duration?

We will take 10 paid interns to begin internship in November 2016. The internship will last for a month. The same internship program will be repeated in December with 10 more interns and then in January with another batch of 10 interns. Currently, we are accepting application for our November Internship Program.

Question 3

Where will this internship program take place?

The Internship Program will be held in an office setting in a convenient location in Lahore. You will get an opportunity to visit the office during your first ‘meet and greet’ with us (which some people call an interview!).

Since we are a college with a unique teaching style, any existing building could not meet our goals. Therefore, a customized College building is under construction in Lahore near Barki Road (15 minutes drive from DHA). Wondering how our teaching style is unique? Visit this link.

Question 4

I am really busy with studies and don’t want to miss school. What will be the timing?

We completely understand that our interns are, first and foremost, students! We will make sure your internship day with us starts after school-hours. Since you will be an essential part of our community, we are also committed to your educational success and will do our best to provide you with any resources and guidance that we can!

Question 5

Is this internship only law related?

Although you will be working with a lot of legal content since we are a law college, the internship program will utilize a wide variety of skills and will help you enhance those areas. For example: Business, Social Media management, Video Production, Video Editing, Script Writing, Research and much more. No experience in law or any other field it required. We’ll teach you everything that is necessary.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We like emails but have grown fond of the instant communication on Facebook messenger.