Work-Study Curriculum

Blackstone Law offers a unique Work-Study program, inspired by the Bridges Curriculum of University of California San Francisco. All of Blackstone Law College's LL.B. students will be College's salaried employees in the first year of their LL.B. program! In addition to studying their core legal courses, students will undertake this paid externship to work in the fields of: Legal Content Development on Social Media, Video Production, Blogs, Publication in Peer-review Legal Journals, Legal Research and much more. In the second year, which is a Career Exploration year, each and every student will be placed in an internship with local law firms and NGO's to gain experience in the legal field of their choice. Students will study core and advance courses in this year. The third year is a Career Launch year, where students will be placed in paid jobs with local law firms and NGO's. Students will also participate in our Legal Clinic to perform advanced legal work in this year. They will study their specialized courses in this year. 



career services

Career and Community Engagement at Blackstone Law is a resource for you from the first day you arrive. We take an active role at the very start of your Blackstone Law educational experience to help you to:

  • Explore and define who you are
  • Identify your innate talents, interests, values, and skills
  • Examine professional paths.

We will also research paid and volunteer work, set up informational interviews with potential employers, assist with interview preparation, and provide many other avenues to explore your areas of interest.

And of course we will help you do an effective job search, or you may apply for an LL.M. Program at Iour partnerships to further your education,  as you begin to consider life after Blackstone Law. We are committed to building a life-long relationship with you as you are the most important part of our mission.