To empower women lawyers, a vulnerable class, through hands on legal practitioner training so that there is a positive domino effect of inclusion whereby having more skilled women lawyers leads to more women in the courts.


We will train 200 female lawyers under the direct supervision of prominent Barristers, High Court Advocates, and academic specialists. We seek to transform and challenge the exclusion of women lawyers in lower and upper courts. We intend to ignite the minds and inspire the spirits of women lawyers to penetrate the male dominated legal system.

Please sign up today to secure your seat for the course. The course will be offered free of cost. However you will be required to maintain a reasonable attendance in the course to sustain your seat. The course will start in the month of April. The course will complete in 6 to 8 weeks and will require 8-10 hours of study per week.

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LL.B. From Punjab Univerity, LL.B. from University of London, etc.

The areas we are targeting are:

a)         Criminal Advocacy

b)         Conference and Client interview Skills

c)         Opinion writing skills

d)         Training of professional ethics

e)         Legal drafting

f)         Out of court resolution of disputes

g)         Criminal litigation, Evidence and Sentencing

h)         Addressing the court

i)          Civil litigation, Evidence and Remedies

j)          Legal research and technology

k)         Time management, billing and teamwork