Tenants responsibilities under rent agreement.

Question:  What are the responsibilities of a tenant under a tenancy agreement?


Subject to the tenancy agreement, a tenant shall–

a)      keep the premises in the condition in which it was let out except for normal wear and tear;

b)       use the premises for the purpose for which it was let out;

c)         allow the landlord to enter the premises for the purpose of inspection or repair;

d)        hand over the vacant possession of the premises to the landlord on the determination      of tenancy;

e)        not cause nuisance to the neighbours of the premises; and

f)       not make a structural change in the premises without the prior written consent of the landlord.

g)      If a tenant fails to fulfill an obligation under this Act or the tenancy agreement, the landlord may give notice in writing to the tenant specifying the act or omission and the remedial action to be taken by the tenant within a specified time.