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our Journey

Blackstone School of Law began its operations in 2013 from Monterey, California. The school was founded by educators working as Deans and Senior Analysts in the field of education in the US. The mission of the school is to provide unmatched support to University of London students. From its inception the school has helped around 200 students from 6 continents around the world to acquire competencies in the filed of legal education. Our graduates have been admitted to top law schools in the US, UK, and Canada for their LL.M. and Bar- at-Law. The school has opened its operations in Lahore, Pakistan and is revolutionizing legal education by providing students a platform where they can become leaders by building a wholesome character and horn their critical thinking skills.

Google Classroom at Blackstone School of Law

Education THROUGH Google Classroom

We are the only institution in Pakistan that provides higher education through Google classroom. We have flipped the classroom, put the student at the center of their learning to enhance their critical thinking skills. The role of the faculty is to inspire students through multi layered questions. We have broken the spell of passive learning by mandating students to conduct research everyday. Our classrooms also leverage the traditional wisdom of education by incorporating small Socratic groups. Imagine yourself studying in ancient Athens with a dynamic teacher having access to the world`s largest library.

Law Clinic at Blackstone School of Law

Career launch with Law Clinic

At Blackstone students are taught critical competencies required in the legal field through the Law Clinic. Students are given access to real life cases. As part of their field work they are required to complete 4 Mini-pupillages with leading Barristers and Advocates in Pakistan. Students draft, do research, conduct client interviews, and go to Lower and High court to file cases. Students are also taught how to network through a series of events during their academic year where they meet with leading Barristers in the UK and Pakistan.

Student Community at Blackstone School of Law

Meet Blackstone Students

Blackstone School of Law is proud of its dynamic student body. We have an inspiring pool of future Barristers, Judges, Human Right Lawyers, Politicians, Journalists and Bureaucrats. Students are provided a flexible space and an individual plan so they can build a character and nurture their compassion. They are encouraged to step out of their privilege and anchor themselves in the real world and work on social issues that are directly relevant to the field of Law and Policy. Our students are currently running street school, working in media houses, assisting in law firms, designing policy papers, and publishing books on cutting edge legal areas like Alternate Dispute Resolution, Tort Law, and Litigation of Crimes.

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Join the Revolution

Every great journey starts under your feet. Take the first step and the students, faculty and administration at Blackstone will work tirelessly to ensure that you will build a sound character, acquire legal skills, and develop a deep understanding of the world around you. Be the change you wish to see in the world, be inspired, and develop laws as they ought to be.