Blackstone Scholarship for Excellence

Each year, Blackstone School of Law awards a full scholarship (100% fee waiver) to exceptionally talented students. This prestigious scholarship is for the next genius, emerging leader, or a social change-maker who will study LL.B. (University of London) or A-Level at Blackstone School of Law. So far, the recipients of Blackstone Scholarship for Excellence have done outstanding work either in academics by scoring record-breaking high distinctions or have fought fearlessly for justice and equality.

Note: The scholarship covers 100% of Blackstone School of Law fee. It DOES NOT include the tuition for University of London.

Please closely read the criteria to qualify for the scholarship. This is an extremely selective scholarship program; therefore, please pay special attention to the quality of your application.

First Deadline: July 19, 2019 5:00 pm


Current University of London students going into second year of LL.B. (Hons.)

A-level students going into first year University of London LL.B. (Hons.)

O-Level students going into A-Level

Selection is on the basis of academic excellence or experience in making a positive change in the community.

The possibility of an extension of the scholarship for next year depends on Scholarship recipients’ becoming part of a select community, taking part, for example, in extracurricular activities developed specially for them.

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Step 1: Fill the form

Step 2: Pre-screening (applicants will be informed if they qualify for pre-screening)

Step 3: Interview on campus

Step 4: Finalist will be announced. Finalists will have to pay a Rs, 20,000 Security Deposit. This deposit’s only purpose is to rule out non-serious candidates. Deposit will be adjusted in the scholarship.