For the first time in Lahore, Bar Transfer Course is here! Become a Barrister while studying in Lahore, Pakistan, at Blackstone School of Law. You will be required to go to the UK for one month and pass the Bar Transfer Test. The Lahore training course is 9 months long.


Stand in Pakistani courts as a qualified Barrister to win cases for your clients with great advocacy skills and prestige.

4 steps to Become a BArrister


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Save Money & Time

As admission into Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) is becoming increasingly difficult, this route will allow you to skip the academic stage (7 courses) and train for the Bar while you continue your practice in Pakistan.

Total fee: £7100

Visit by the British High Commission

Visit by the British High Commission

Practical Skills

You will be trained, by successful Barristers, in accordance with the curriculum mandated by the regulatory body in the UK during your 9 months of preparation at Blackstone School of Law.

Program Structure (September Session 2019)

Modules taught at Blackstone School of Law [June 2019 - March 2020]

  • Advocacy

  • Civil Litigation

  • Criminal Litigation & Sentencing

  • Evidence

  • Professional Ethics

Testing [August 2020]*

Result Announced [October 2020]

Call to the Bar** [ November 2020]

*Testing is conducted upon acceptance from regulatory and educational institutes in the UK.

**This means graduation. After this, you can call yourself a Barrister!

Faculty Members

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