Past Positions

CLosed - A-level Internship Summer 2018

Blackstone School of Law invites you to be a part of our exciting one-month paid internship program. We are seeking applications for 10 positions starting in June 2018. Prior experience is not required as we will provide you with training. We offer a variety of opportunities in the following areas:

1. Content Research & Script

2. Content Management

3. Social Media Marketing

4. Recording and Video Editing

5. Media Animation

6. Event Management

Salary: Rs. 10,000

Basic Qualifications:

Must be a current A-Level student.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preference will be given to students who are in the second year of their A-Level.

Must follow directions, complete given tasks, have a positive attitude, should be keen to learn, be flexible, have curiosity, should think out of the box, and show commitment. Sense of humor is a plus.

Open Date: Open now

Close Date: 31st May, 2018

Introductory Video:

Please watch the video below to get familiar with our offerings and how they differ from traditional institutes. The teaching methodologies discussed in the video will be a part of your internship interview. 


Junior Legal Associate 

Blackstone School of Law invites University of London LL.B graduates with a valid license to practice law in Lahore to apply for our Jr. Legal Associate position to be filled immediately. The ideal candidate should have a legal work experience of at least one year and preferably be a female.

Please apply on the link below: 


Title: Department Chairperson

Salary: Rs. 100,000 per month

Duration: Full-time permanent position (salary and terms renewable after one year)

Reports to: Dean

About Blackstone School of Law: Blackstone School of Law is a non-profit institute situated in Lahore, Pakistan. We provide legal education support to LL.B. (Hons.) students of University of London International Programme. We chose to be a not-for-profit institute because it aligns with our social mission to change the landscape of the legal education in Pakistan by providing a remarkable student-centered experience.

Our Mission: Driven by a strong need to improve the quality of legal education in Pakistan, our mission is to prepare twenty-first-century lawyers who are ready to collaborate with the global legal workforce to make a social impact.

Our Philosophy: With our students, faculty and staff at our core, we are strongly committed to:

  • Fostering a culture of trust and dignity;

  • Maintaining work and family life balance;

  • Developing a learning partnership between students, faculty and staff;

  • Using modern pedagogy to promote research and reasoning; and

  • Being mindful.

 Overview of the position: Accountable to the Dean of School, department chair serves as lead faculty member in implementation of Blackstone School of Law’s LL.B. (Hons.) curriculum and instructional practices that result in exceptional student achievement and teaching. The department chair will be the person responsible for implementation of Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) through effective teacher training, class observations, and student counseling.

With the support of the Dean of School and the CEO , department chair is responsible for targeted professional development for faculty members. Department chairs assist in the research and implementation of best practices in curriculum and instruction and work collaboratively with his or her counterparts at other Blackstone Law upcoming branches. This position is up for renewal at the end of each school year.



1) Teach one LL.B. (Hons.) University of London module using Blackstone School of Law’s Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) and Flipped Classroom techniques. Module will be decided accordingly to the expertise of the applicant and need of Blackstone School of Law.


1) Models and assists teams in modifying and differentiating to meet the needs of the individual learner.

2) Assists in teacher training and meets with teachers regularly

3) Maintain and update Student Portfolio containing individual learning styles, counseling forms, attendance record, and academic progress.

Instructional Practice

1) Researches, recommends and assists with implementation of methodologies and practices used by Blackstone School of Law that lead to high student engagement and achievement.

2) Orients teachers on Blackstone Law teaching methodologies and provides ongoing professional development for assigned teachers

3) Ensure timely submission of Lesson Plans, check Lesson Plans, and counsel teachers on developing an effective Lesson Plan including an effective Big Question when needed.

3) Conduct scheduled and unannounced class observations, mentors and holds accountable assigned teachers regarding best practices in instruction.

4) Promotes instructional practices that are modified and differentiated to meet the needs of the individual learner.

5) Assists in facilitating the integration and use of instructional technology, as appropriate.

6) Assists in planning the professional development program for faculty

Student Achievement and Counseling

1)    Assists teachers in Response to Interventions.

2)    Ensure that student counseling program is being implemented effectively and in a timely manner

3)    Ensure student retention and Blackstone Law’s targeted pass rate.

4)    Oversee academic advising to ensure that students are on the path to graduate on time

Academic Planning:

1)    With the support of the dean, plan and open sections of different modules capped at 25 students in each section.

2)    Take ownership of creating and maintaining class schedules.

3)    Responsible for arranging a substitute in case of teacher absence. There is no concept of class cancellation at Blackstone School of Law

4)    Oversee academic advising to ensure that students are on path to graduate on time

5)    Arrange for teachers to conduct Study Hall (after class need-based tutorials) for students who are mandated to take Study Hall.


 1)    Serves as a mentor and role model in the creation of a learning environment that supports Blackstone School of Law vision, student readiness and student achievement.

2)    Assists in planning and delivering orientation for new teachers.

3)    Provides support for teachers struggling to uphold Blackstone Law Culture.

School Wide Leadership

 1)    Supports the mission, vision and values of Blackstone School of Law

2)    Fosters an environment and culture which promotes respect, responsibility and trust.

3)    Adheres to the policies and procedures of Blackstone School of Law.

4)    Takes on other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

5)    Serve as a key member of the Leadership Team.

6)    May assist in interviewing teachers during the hiring process.

General Qualifications

Ability to communicate effectively to achieve assigned duties · Proficient in the use of technology in student instruction · Openness to innovative teaching methodologies such as Self Organized Learning Environment(SOLE) and Flipped Classroom. Basic knowledge of modern teaching methodologies such as Flipped Classroom and SOLE· Ability to lead and function in an entrepreneurial, fast-paced environment with a mature approach to challenges · Passion for quality education. Service-oriented mindset.

Experience: At least 2 years teaching/tutoring experience of University of London LL.B. external programme ·

Education: A minimum of LL.B. (Hons.) degree (University of London) ·


Instructor Positions

Blackstone Law College is seeking to identify individuals interested in teaching law courses. We offer University of London and Northumbria University LL.B. programs. Courses vary from introductory to advanced.

Salary: TBD

Basic Qualifications:
LL.B. from University of London or Northumbria University.


LL.B. from a university in Pakistan and an LL.M. from US or UK. 

Preferred Qualifications:

LL.M. from USA or UK.

Teach undergraduate law courses.

Close Date: Open until filled

Special Instructions to Applicants:

Submit a Resume or CV


A one-page Cover Letter explaining why do you want to teach with Blackstone Law College and how will you provide a remarkable student-centered experience to your class.

Send CV and Cover Letter to

Job title: Dreams Fulfiller/Law School Coordinator [Closed]

Dreams Fulfiller aka Law School Coordinator

Salary: PKR 55,000 to PKR 60,000 per month

Work Schedule: Mon – Fri, 9 am to 5pm. Some evenings and weekends as needed (in case of events etc.)

Blackstone School of Law is looking for a Dreams Fulfiller aka Law School Coordinator who will be: the face of our law school, an excellent communicator, self-driven and passionate about serving others, emotionally intelligent, with good sense of humor, passionate about life, detail oriented, and someone who gets sh*t done!


The role is responsible for all phases of the student recruitment, application file review, special event coordination, yield activities, student services, and maintaining the School's good relationship with external collaborators (including but not limited to Indiana University McKinney School of Law collaborators for the LL.M. Program and British partners for the LL.B. program). Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: 4 years Bachelor's degree.

How to apply:

No, please don't send us your CV/Resume and/or Cover Letter. Just answer the following questions.

Finalists will be contacted via email or phone.