Housing Scheme a scam?

Question: I recently invested in a housing scheme; however the housing scheme turned out to be a scam. What legal remedies do I have to recover my loss/money?


The most effective and significant remedy that is available to you is the right to file a suit against the housing scheme for reasons of fraud and misrepresentation and the courts are inclined towards giving relief to the defrauded. Further, there are other legal remedies also available however they can be better ascertained upon the specific facts of your transaction with the proprietors of the housing scheme. For a detailed consultation on your matter you may contact us

Bounced cheque by housing developers

Question: I have returned my file back to the housing scheme and the housing scheme has given me my refund in the form of a cheque but the cheques have bounced. What should I do?


It is a criminal offence to issue a dishonored cheque and whoever issues the same shall be criminally liable and will face punishment upto three years. Other avenues of remedies are also available under civil law. This gives the plaintiff the liberty to file a criminal and civil complaint. The consequences and viability of each complaint can be inquired at http://www.bsol.org.pk/free-legal-consultation/.

Allotment of plot!

Question: The housing scheme is not allotting a plot to the file that I had bought. What should I do?


The land purchase contract executed between you and the seller is extremely important in order to know when and under what circumstances land will be allotted against your file. If all such prerequisites specified in the contract/file have been completed then proprietors of the housing scheme is bound to allot land and failure to the same shall be simple breach of contract. However it is common occurrence that the provisions of the contract are vague in respect to allotment in this case breach of contract may not be very simple to prove. For such problems legal remedy in consideration of the specifications of your contract may be inquired at http://www.bsol.org.pk/free-legal-consultation/.

Extremely high developmental charges

Question: The developmental charges imposed on investors of a housing scheme are extremely high and it is becoming more and more difficult for investors to pay them regularly.


This is a common problem with all housing scheme investments; the development charges levied on investors are so high that it puts them under financial strain and many fail to keep up with them. The whole concept of paying developmental charges in installments is to make it easier on the investors pocket however for many scheme proprietors it is a tool to defraud people and discourage them from pursuing the prospective property. With increasing development the land becomes more expensive and therefore it is more beneficial and easier for these proprietors of the housing scheme to sell the land at a higher price. With extremely high developmental charges the investor is forced to sell his rights back to the housing scheme developers in return for part of the money that you have invested in acquiring the land. Many investors feel like they have no way out of this except for selling their rights however very few know that such practices are considered unfair under the law and there is entire legal mechanism to ensuring the right of the buyers/investors are protected. The protective mechanism shall differ according to the terms of the contract and therefore consultation with legal experts is vital. For free consultation you may pursue our legal team at http://www.bsol.org.pk/free-legal-consultation/.

Deduction of money on return of file.

Question: I have returned my file to the housing scheme developers however the scheme developers have deducted a huge portion of the money from my investment as necessary expense. What should I do?


The amount to be deducted upon return of file is usually provided in your contract for purchase. In the event that it is not then you shall inquire for details from the officers of the housing scheme. If the amount deducted is more than the amount specified in your contract or no justification has been provided for the deduction of money then the affected investor shall pursue legal recourse either satisfying limbs of breach of contract or fraud coupled with attempt to extort money. The legal team of BSOL is expert at handling such matter. For their free assistance you may contact them at http://www.bsol.org.pk/free-legal-consultation/.


Delayed development causing loss to investors

Question: What remedies are available to an investor in a housing scheme against unnecessary delay in development?


Developmental delays are part and parcel of new housing schemes the possibility of such delays are mostly provided in the contract for purchase therefore there is no precise legal remedy for protecting the investors against such delays however depending on the loss that such delay has caused you a constitutional petition may be filed to make good the loss and to speed up developmental delays.

Allotment Dispute

Question: The allotment of the same land to two different individuals?


In case the same land is allotted to two different individuals by the housing scheme developers, for starters the developers under law shall compensate one of the parties with a land with similar characteristics, price value and locality. In case the compensated land is not similar to the land previously allotted then either a complaint may be brought to the registrar of housing cooperation or legal claim may be brought against them to make good the difference between the lands in form of damages. However team BSOL considering their past experiences advises pursuing out of court settlements for such matters as it is fast, more beneficial to either parties and more effective. In order to inquire further on the matter you may contact us at http://www.bsol.org.pk/free-legal-consultation/.

Possession of Plot

Question: Land has been allotted to me however I have not been given possession of the land? What legal remedies do I have?


You have two avenues available to you in this case. You may either pursue the registrar of registered housing co-operative society and file a complaint with him for fraudulent practice on behalf of the society or file with the court a suit for specific performance. Further details on both can be reached through http://www.bsol.org.pk/free-legal-consultation/