Program Structure

Year 1 (120 credits)
» Legal System and Method
» Criminal law
» Elements of the law of contract
» Public law

Year 2 (120 credits)
» Property
» Tort Law
» EU
» International Protection of Human Rights or Commercial Law

Year 3 (120 credits)
» Trust Law
» Islamic Law
» Alternate Dispute Resolution
» Jurisprudence

Blackstone School of Law students work on social media projects and produce their own work related to Law.

Student also become part of different societies during their study: like Women Empowerment Society, Sports Society, Debate Society and National Women Lawyers Society.

Fee StRucturE

The LL.B. program fee displayed below is for the academic year 2019-2020.

Blackstone School of Law annual fee is 575,000 Rupees payable in two installments.

University of London annual fee for first year students is £1,951.