Our Features

Advanced world and New technology require new teaching methodologies and that’s what we’re here for. Join us to study and connect online with the best tutors in Pakistan.

Live Lectures

At Blackstone School Of Law, We’re always trying to help students study at their ease and that’s the reason we’re introducing Live online lectures. Which means that you can take live online lectures of your tutor anywhere, which will make the hassle of going to different academies, for different subjects much easier as you’ll get everything at one place!

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Low Cost

A Level Rs. 3900 /per month/ per course

O Level Rs. 2900/per month/ per course

This is going to be a very low cost monthly program as you’ll not have to travel all the way to the Academy to attend your class, which would save you travelling cost. You can attend the lecture at your home just by turning on your device (computer/Cell phone) and by connecting online with your tutor in real time.

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best faculty

Blackstone has always provided students with the best faculty available in Lahore. Be it for their International LLB program or their Advanced level foundation year. And now we’ll be providing you with the best tutors available in Lahore for O levels and A levels.

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We’ll make it even easier for you to study online, as if you ever miss an online lecture, there will be recorded lectures on our website and you can easily access them without a problem!


Digital notes

Students will be provided with digital notes on Google Classrooms rather than using big notebooks to write down notes. Which will be an easier way to learn and also interact with your other classmates online! You will never lose your notes as they’re not going to be on loose sheets of paper.


past papers and mcqs

Past papers will be discussed and practiced online with your tutor. We will use Google classrooms to Create MCQS, Past papers and you will have peer to peer learning. Assignments will be checked online through google classrooms and students can see other students notes online and also discuss them online.