our groundbreaking ways of teaching: Sole and flipped classroom

To support your University of London or University of Northumbria LL.B. degree, we use latest pedagogical techniques: Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE), Flipped Classroom, Inquiry-based Instructions, and Student-Centered education.

You will be trained through a good dose of research, lectures, discussions and social media projects every week. Your classroom will be a collaborative workspace where you will choose your own group and conduct research on 'big questions'. You will also learn to voice your opinions in an oral or a written form. Every student is different--we get it! Our methodology takes into account and appreciates the uniqueness of extrovert and introvert personalities. 

Your will receive confidential bi-weekly and monthly counseling highlighting areas to improve academic performance, core skill and advanced skill development.

Why SOLE and Flipped?

We use this groundbreaking new-age methodology so that our students develop essential skills to  excel in their fields. This also takes the stress out of learning and makes your learning experience a joyful one! The skills you will develop are:

Core competencies

a.     Applying the law to facts

b.     Critical thinking

c.     Analytical ability

d.     Sound reasoning

e.     Asking the right question

f.      Persuasiveness

g.     Listening skills

h.     Oral skills

Advance competencies

i.      Collaboration skills

j.      Emotional intelligence

k.     Ethics and Compassion

l.    Technological affinity